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How to distinguish the quality of curtains? Recommend a method to quickly identify the quality of curtains

Curtains are essential household products in life. Now there are many curtain brands on the market, but the quality of these curtains is uneven. As consumers, it is difficult to distinguish the quality of curtains. Today, Xiao Bian will share with you some methods to identify the quality of curtains.
The main function of the curtain is to isolate from the outside world and keep the privacy of the room. At the same time, it is an indispensable decoration for home decoration. In winter, curtains separate the interior and exterior into two worlds, adding warmth to the interior. Modern curtains can reduce and block light to meet people’s needs for different light intensity; It can also prevent fire, wind, dust, heat, noise, heat, radiation, and ultraviolet rays, and improve the indoor climate and environment. Therefore, the ingenious combination of decoration and practicality is the greatest feature of modern curtains.
How to distinguish the quality of curtains

1、 Distinguish material

The material type of curtain fabrics can be basically divided into cotton and linen, polyester, chenille, high-precision, flannelette, silk, etc. If the handle is rough and stiff, the composition of polyester is basically high. The environment-friendly materials are cotton and linen, followed by silk and flannelette. It can also be kneaded to see whether excessive stiffness is formed due to sizing.

2、 Apparent density

The density of the curtain can be basically identified through observation. When you look at the curtain in the sun, the high density of the curtain means good shading performance, while the low density of the curtain means poor shading performance. If you choose the curtains for your bedroom, of course, you should choose the curtains with better shading.

3、 Manufacturing process

If the cloth is embroidery, you must check whether there are thread ends on the embroidery. The embroidery process must be poor if there are many thread ends. In addition, when identifying cotton cloth, it mainly depends on whether the cloth will granulate. If the cloth granulates, the quality of cotton cloth is not reliable.

4、 Environmental protection

You can use the formaldehyde detection tools available at home for detection. In addition, you can detect whether there is formaldehyde irritating smell by smelling when selecting. You can also ask the product website or direct stores to check whether the window decoration product has the quality certificate issued by an international authority or the quality certificate of environmental protection materials in advance.

5、 Dustproof

The polyester curtain is not only good in texture, firm and flexible, but also not easy to attract the accumulation of dust and PM2.5 particles. It is a safe and reliable “guardian” of our respiratory system.
How to distinguish high-quality curtains? The above is to share the method to distinguish the quality of curtains. If you have this demand, you’d better go to the regular large-scale sales channels to choose. After all, the quality of curtains will affect our health.

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